2013 Academy Awards Results – Recapping The Big Winners From The 85th Annual Academy Awards


The entertainment world was abuzz for this past weekend’s 85th 2013 Academy Awards Results show, and so were the online sports betting fans that decided to take a shot and see if they can predict some winners with the odds for most categories available online. While that gave the Oscars that much greater of a platform, it also gave players that knew their movies a chance to take advantage and win some money while watching the show. Life of Pi emerged the biggest winner in terms of variety with four different awards, but the fact that it missed most major categories is testament to how spread out the majority of the awards truly were. The real big winner for the night was the movie Argo, which took home Best Picture odds, even though there wouldn’t have been too much money on it.

2013 Academy Awards ResultsArgo was the 5Dimes favorite to win the award for Best Picture at minus-600, and it’s hard to imagine most players risking $1,200 just to win $200 in a category like the Oscars. With so many different nominees and no firm way of determining exactly who will win, it wouldn’t have been easy to risk so much money just to have a chance at such a small profit. There was some money put on Lincoln at +550 odds, while the casual fan may have sprinkled $10 or so on Beasts of the Southern Wild for the chance at $2,000 in the event of an unlikely upset at +20,000 odds, but in the end it was Argo that took home the Oscar as the favorite for Best Picture.

Those that bet on the sports betting favorites to win in the Best Actor and Best Actress categories also had to risk a lot to win, with Daniel Day Lewis taking home the award as a 1/14 favorite for his star role in Lincoln, and Jennifer Lawrence at 4/7 odds for her star role in Silver Linings Playbook. The real winners were those that bet the Best Director category and won, as Ang Lee was listed at 6/1 odds to win for directing Life of Pi. The favorite in that category was Stephen Spielberg at 1/5 odds, and those that bet on Spielberg must have been devastated that it was the only major category where the favorite did not win.

Betting on the Oscar’s is never easy, because the online sportsbook 2013 Academy Awards Results favorites are usually not offering the best odds for your money, and when they do lose its hard to handle the loss. However, any one that bet Ang Lee and stayed with the favorites for the other major categories would have been happy with their results betting the 85th Academy Awards Results, and enjoying the show as they watched the night unfold with entertainment that was fit for the whole family to tune in to. For all of your latest sports and entertainment odds, be sure to check out the best online betting sites.

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