2013 MLB Betting – Fading Road Teams Facing Tough Situations An Excellent Idea


The longer the 2013 MLB Betting season goes on the more numbers that the sites listed on the sportsbook reviews have to work with as they try and break down the game odds and best project how each game will play out. Fortunately for us, we also have those numbers to work with, and we can make our own judgments on where the best opportunities are. One trend that is gaining steam as the season progresses is the idea of facing teams that are traveling in tough situations. It’s common knowledge that teams don’t play as well on the road as they do at home, and there are certain spots where you can find a vulnerable team that is facing overwhelming circumstances heading in to a particular contest.

2013 MLB BettingThe ideology behind this trend is that a team that is forced to play a game, rush over to the airport and fly across the country, and then get back on the field for another game in a completely new city the following day will have a substantial disadvantage, which decreases its chances to win. That gives price per head players an excellent opportunity of their own, as they can bet against them. While it is not an exact science, only four American League teams having winning records in this situation, so the odds are in your favor.

The four AL teams to stay away from are the Baltimore Orioles, Oakland Athletics, and Seattle Mariners, which for whatever reason happen to be okay in these situations. The teams to look for from the AL are the Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins, and the Los Angeles Angels as they are a combined 7-22 in these sports betting situations. The actual breakdown can be helped by understanding how far these teams have to travel and the match up that they face, as it is an excellent way to break things down.

There are actually six teams form the National League with records better than .500 in these situations, but it makes sense to continue live betting this trend as long as you stick to three awful teams in particular. The Colorado Rockies, Miami Marlins, and the Pittsburgh Pirates have gone a combined 5-28 in situations where they have to travel at night and play on the road the next day, so pay attention to their match ups and try and jump on whenever it looks good.

Fading the road teams playing the day after leaving home is not an exact science, but the numbers that are available don’t lie and it makes sense to follow them. There will always be excellent opportunities to make money for those that follow these trends close enough, just make sure to stick with the teams that have been consistently bad and make sure to manage your bank roll in an efficient manner so you never get caught. For all of the latest MLB news and betting odds, be sure to check out the best sports betting sites.

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