2013 MLB Futures Odds – An Early Look at the MLB Future Wagers


MLB Futures Odds

The Baseball season is now in full swing, and now it’s time to take a look at the MLB Futures Odds market.There’s not enough time to get all the teams in for the 2013 season but let;s take a loom at a few, we’ve breaken it down into 6 teams have the best chances of claiming victory at the end of this long marathon.

2013 MLB Futures Odds

“If I were as bad at my job as you are at yours, I would be Dante Powell.” Photo credit – – Ezra Shaw

As for every single year, the National League is wide open. There are alot of teams worth talking about, including the Braves and Dodgers, but three teams stand out amongst the pack. I still don’t truly believe Atlanta can get over the hump and the Dodgers can spend all the money they want and I still don’t feel this cursed franchise can overcome the odds. So who am I backing over the long haul?

MLB Futures Odds San Francisco Giants (+1400)
I don’t think it’s fair to start any MLB Futures speculation without starting with the defending World Series champions, especially when they are mostly the same team they were last season. Obviously, they struggled in the regular season standings last year because Tim Lincecum slumped and I don’t think that hailstorm recreates itself again this season.

The Giants have always been underdogs on the board, and have won two of the last three World Series. Of all the realistic contenders in the MLB futures, you simply can’t ignore the Giants even though they have the longest odds. They are building a dynasty with a young, imposing roster. When they get to the Playoffs, they are a dangerous team and have already proven that no team can handle them when it really matters. All they really have to do is get there.

Washington Nationals (+650) MLB Futures Odds
They won 98 games last season and seemingly got better with Dan Haren and Rafael Soriano coming to add to an already stellar pitching staff. That’s why this team is the leading contender in the National League. Bryce Harper’s continued ascension to the highest ranks in the league will keep this offense rolling.

That means all eyes will, once again, be on the pitching staff. Gio Gonzalez is a steal at $6.5 million after picking up 21 wins in 32 starts. Haren gives them depth in the rotation, while Soriano is the reliever this club has sorely needed in the past.

If Stephen Strasburg’s opening day brilliance is any indication, he’s ready to make the Nationals look like geniuses for managing his Tommy John recovery. Strasburg needed just 80 pitches to maintain a 7 inning shutout in his 2013 debut and has fans buzzing in the nation’s capital. This team found ways to win without him last year, and adding him to the lineup makes Washington a deserving front runner for the World Series.

They are very well the best team in baseball on paper and with Strasburg returning to his elite form, they are the team to watch in the National League. To put things simply – the Nats are stacked.

MLB Futures Odds Cincinnati Reds (+1000)
The Reds have quietly built a contender in Queen City, and with Joey Votto returning to form this season they have a roster that is capable of capitalizing on the hype surrounding this team. This is truly the best Reds team we’ve seen in over two decades.

It would be easy to slip the Braves and Dodgers in to this slot because both have capable rosters, but the Reds have been to the playoffs in the past two seasons and continue to get better. Jonathan Broxton, acquired at the trade deadline in 2012, was an excellent fit for the Reds and gave them depth. It made complete sense to sign him to a lucrative deal and keep him in town.

But when you discuss roster depth, the Reds really stand out in the batting order. Jay Bruce, Ryan Ludwick and Joey Votto will all benefit from the recruitment of Shin-Soo Choo who also has the potential of having the best – and most obvious – nickname in the majors. The Reds sorely needed a proper leadoff last year, and with Choo setting himself up in scoring position at the front of a stacked order, it’s hard to ignore Cincinnati’s glowing potential.

Cincinnati is not as good as Washington or San Francisco, but they are in the thick of the discussion. If you’re going to back a longshot on the National League board, the Giants have much more appealing odds at 14-to-1. The odds on the Reds are a cagey play, however, and you’re still getting good value here at 10-to-1. The oddsmakers have the Reds in mind, so this number won’t go up all that much, and it will only sink lower in to the triple-digits if they start to play at the level we expect them to. Get in now if you believe.

Yeesh. The American League is so good through the ranks that it’s nearly unfair to put three teams at the front of the line. The Tigers deserve to be in the conversation as the defending ALCS winner, but two teams made savvy offseason moves to throw their names in to the proverbial hat. These are the best long term bets in the American League, and none of them should be big surprises.

Toronto Blue Jays (+650)
No fan base was more excited during the off-season than the people up north. Toronto was easily the busiest team in the trade and free agent markets, adding R.A. Dickey, Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Emilio Bonifacio and Melky Cabrera just to name a few (because there were a lot). Some grumbled at the signing of manager John Gibbons but this seems like a roster that is too good to fail.

Punch me if you’ve heard that before.

Toronto jumped to the front of the pack in MLB futures based on talent alone, and many reports indicate that the contingent of Dominican Republic players are getting along like a band of brothers. With Jose Bautista and Brett Lawrie (currently on the DL) anchoring the lineup, there is a ton of optimism to bank on here. Most importantly, the Blue Jays have a pitching rotation that can get through the season healthy, which has ultimately been the biggest hex in Toronto over the last few seasons.

The results in their opener against Cleveland, however, were absolutely terrible. Dickey was all over the map and never really found his rhythm. On Tuesday night, there was no offence to really speak of and none of the core Jays or new acquisitions stepped up. It’s still early in the season, but Toronto needs to build a big lead in the American League if they want to have any sense of comfort.

That’s perhaps the biggest reason not to take Toronto’s odds. It’s only a matter of time before New York gets its act together and there’s no telling what Boston, Tampa Bay and Baltimore are capable of. The Blue Jays play in the toughest division that exists in any sport but have finally stocked up on the necessary pitchers to carry their impressive lineup through the season. Even then, all things considered, the Blue Jays seem like a 50-50 play at best.

These are still great odds to take early in the season and they won’t move that much with all that talent on the roster. So if you are going to back the Blue Jays then you might as well take them at a known price. If Toronto ever reaches their potential this number could drop even further.

Los Angeles Angels (+700)
The Angels came away disappointed in 2012 after making some huge splashes in free agency, and riding the hype of the Mike Trout train. With Pujols, Trout, Trumbo and Josh Hamilton in the lineup there’s no telling how many home runs this team can amass. The offensive potential in L.A. is palpable.

However, the question for the Angles will be the bullpen just like it was last year. They still have Weaver and C.J. Wilson in the rotation but lost Greinke to the Dodgers. Their relievers aren’t much better than last year, but at the beginning of the season, the hot button word is “potential’ and the L.A. Angels have just as much as anyone on the board.

Detroit Tigers (+750)
I started with the Giants and am going to end with the Detroit Tigers. Last year’s World Series loser is back and just as good as last season. The Tigers have spent half of their $149 million payroll on Justin Verlander, Prince Fielder, Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera. Their offensive firepower is just as potent as it was last season and Verlander is going to be an MVP candidate again this season. Detroit is the best known commodity in the American League this year so their odds should be extremely tempting to the investor looking for the most promising long term commitment. Bet on Baseball receive 50% Sign Up Bonus.


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