2013 NBA Championship Odds – Power Rankings Still About The Heat, Then Everyone Else


There hasn’t been very much change at the top of the 2013 NBA Championship Odds power rankings this season, and it’s unlikely there will be much movement throughout the second half either. The defending NBA champion Miami Heat are still the top-ranked team in the association and will be tough to knock off their perch until someone beats them in the playoffs, and that might not happen for a second-consecutive year. The New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers meanwhile are right behind the Heat in the Eastern Conference coming out of the All-Star break, while the San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Los Angeles Clippers are all on the radar in the Western Conference.

2013 NBA Championship Odds

LeBron James silences the Chicago crowd

Considering Lebron’s dominance over the past couple of weeks, where he has average over 30 points per game while shooting better than 60-percent in six-straight games to set the NBA record, it’s very difficult to bet against Miami. Lebron is actually getting better with age as he sheds the pressure labels that have hurt him throughout his career, and he reacted to being called the second-best player in the NBA behind Kobe Bryant by putting up 39 points in a 110-100 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder in the final game before the break. The Heat have now won six-straight games against the Thunder dating back to last year’s NBA Finals, and as long as they stay healthy there is no reason to think they won’t get it done again this online sportsbook season. The Knicks and Pacers have already handed them losses at different points in the year, but neither team can be considered a favorite to knock out Miami in a seven-game playoff series.

As for the Western Conference, 2013 NBA Championship Odds Oklahoma City certainly has some work to do after failing to prove anything has changed in a positive manner since last year’s NBA Finals. Suddenly the James Harden trade is being called in to question, and while Durant’s elite scoring ability has him on track to win a fourth-straight scoring title, the talent around him hasn’t done enough in big games. There is a sense that the Spurs would have a much better chance against the Heat thanks to their ability to dominate down low and the efficiency they have gotten from Tony Parker this year, but it still won’t be easy. Greg Popovich is the best head coach in the NBA right now, and he will not take consecutive sports betting years losing to the Thunder in the playoffs easily. The Clippers meanwhile have slipped out of the top-five in both offensive and defensive efficiency of late, and there are question marks about whether Blake Grffin and DeAndre Jordan can handle the Spurs’ big men in the postseason.

There is still a while to go before the playoffs get underway, but for now it’s unlikely there will be a dramatic shift in the online betting power rankings before then. The Heat have proven on the biggest stage that they are the best team in the association, and until they are knocked off it will be about them, and then everyone else. For all of the latest NBA news and betting odds, be sure to check out the best sports betting sites.

2013 NBA Championship Odds
Miami Heat 3/2
Oklahoma City Thunder 7/2
San Antonio Spurs 6/1
Los Angeles Clippers 9/1
New York Knicks 16/1
Indiana Pacers 18/1
Los Angeles Lakers 18/1
Chicago Bulls 20/1
Boston Celtics 25/1
Brooklyn Nets 33/1
Golden State Warriors 33/1
Memphis Grizzlies 33/1
Denver Nuggets 40/1
Atlanta Hawks 75/1
Houston Rockets 75/1
Utah Jazz 100/1
Milwaukee Bucks 125/1
Dallas Mavericks 200/1
Philadelphia 76ers 250/1
Toronto Raptors 250/1
Portland Trail Blazers 350/1
Detroit Pistons 500/1
Minnesota Timberwolves 500/1
Washington Wizards 1000/1
New Orleans Hornets 1500/1
Cleveland Cavaliers 2500/1
Sacramento Kings 2500/1
Charlotte Bobcats 5000/1
Orlando Magic 5000/1
Phoenix Suns 5000/1


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