2013 NFL Schedule Week 2 & Betting Odds – Jets vs Pats Kick Off Thursday Night


What are RB options for Giants? David Wilson’s second NFL campaign started off just like his first: with the ball on the ground and his rear end on the bench. To Giants coach Tom Coughlin’s credit, he reinserted the running back after his first fumble — that’s something he didn’t do last year — but he got burned when Wilson fumbled a second time and the Dallas Cowboys scored on the turnover. With Ahmad Bradshaw gone, Andre Brown injured and Da’Rel Scott, his replacement Sunday night, not as skilled as Wilson, the Giants have only two options: find a free-agent replacement or fix his fumblitis. Betting Odds listed below for week 2.

Betting OddsThe first option could provide some depth, but there are no genuine starting running backs available on the market; if anyone was that good, he’d probably have a job in Week 1. Plodding veterans such as Michael Turner, Beanie Wells, Brandon Jacobs and Cedric Benson don’t seem likely to offer much help. Willis McGahee lost seven fumbles during his two years with the Denver Broncos. Jonathan Dwyer might be the most skilled and youthful (he’s 24) option out there, but Coughlin isn’t likely to be interested in a running back who reportedly got cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers for not working hard enough. Dwyer reportedly could re-sign with the Steelers anyway.

In the end, the Giants will just have to fix Wilson’s drops. Coughlin said as much last night.

“He is a talented young man. We will get him right even if he has to run around the field with two balls,” Coughlin said after the game. “We need him!”

“Give us a little time to work on this thing,” Coughlin added. “He’s still very much in our thoughts. He’s got to play. He’s a very talented young man. But you just can’t do that …”

Coughlin has fixed fumblitis before. Just ask Tiki Barber, who fumbled 18 times and lost 12 of them in the two seasons prior to Coughlin’s arrival in New York. During the three years Coughlin and Barber were together, Barber lost a total of just four fumbles. Bradshaw also fixed his problems with ball security. He lost six fumbles in 2010 but just four more over the next two seasons.

If the Giants are going to go deep into the playoffs, they will need Wilson’s skills on the gridiron, not the ball. He’s going to have to emulate those who came before him and keep that pill “high and tight.”

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 12th on NBC Thursday Night Football
8:25 PM EST – New York Jets vs New England Patriots -12.5 (43.5)

1:00 PM EST – Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens -6.5 (43.5)
1:00 PM EST – Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears -6 (41)
1:00 PM EST – Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans
1:00 PM EST – Carolina Panthers -3 vs Buffalo Bills (44.5)
1:00 PM EST – St. Louis Rams vs Arizona Falcons -6.5 (47)
1:00 PM EST – San Diego Chargers vs Philadelphia Eagles
1:00 PM EST – Washington Redskins vs Green Bay Packers
1:00 PM EST – Miami Dolphins vs Indianapolis Colts -3 (44.5)
1:00 PM EST – Dallas Cowboys vs Kansas City Chiefs

4:05 PM EST – Detroit Lions -1.5 vs Arizona Cardinals (47)
4:05 PM EST – New Orleans Saints -3 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (46)
4:25 PM EST – Denver Broncos vs New York Giants
4:25 PM EST – Jacksonville Jaguars vs Oakland Raiders -6 (40)

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15th Evening Game on NBC Sunday Night Football
8:30 PM EST – San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks -3 (44.5)

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 16th on ESPN Monday Night Football
8:40 PM EST – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals -6.5 (40.5)
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