2013 Stanley Cup Odds – The Best Teams to Bet on to win Stanley Cup


It is no secret that the betting experts always lean the odds on anything towards the top teams in a league. When it comes to the 2013 Stanley Cup odds for this shortened season, the only real indicator the odds makers have is the regular season records that teams are establishing. As the season enters its last 20 games, let’s take a look at the odds on winning the Stanley Cup that the online sports betting world has attached to the various teams.

2013 Stanley Cup OddsChicago Blackhawks – 2013 Stanley Cup odds: 5 to 1 This just goes to prove how close to the vest the betting sites are playing the Stanley Cup odds in this strange season. The Blackhawks are the odds-on favorite to win the Cup, but the best they could do is 5 to 1. A team that ripped off 24 consecutive games without a regulation loss should probably get more credit than that, but no one is taking any chances. The true test of a team is how it handles losing and not just how much it can win. The Blackhawks bounced right back after Colorado ended its streak and that says a lot about the team.

Pittsburgh Penguins – 2013 Stanley Cup odds: 5 to 1 The Penguins have a winning streak of its own going right now that has reached 10 consecutive games. As long as Pittsburgh has solved its playoff goaltending problem, then this team is going to be tough to beat in any round of the playoffs. Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are terrorizing opposing goaltenders and this team will be a juggernaut when the playoffs arrive.

Boston Bruins – Stanley Cup odds: 6 to 1 The real unknown factor for the Boston Bruins is goaltender Tuukka Rask. He has looked great during the regular season, but he did not do so well in his only playoff experience a few years ago. No one is really sure how Rask will perform under the bright lights of the playoffs and that will probably be the thing that decides the Bruins’ fate.

Vancouver Canucks – Stanley Cup odds: 10 to 1 Unfortunately, the Canucks are playing the same tune they have played the past three or four years. They try to get away from Roberto Luongo, but he is a king during the regular season. Unfortunately, Luongo chokes in the playoffs, which is where the Canucks are headed. This familiar story will play itself out and come to the same conclusion it has come to several times before for disappointed Canucks’ fans.

New York Rangers – Stanley Cup odds: 10 to 1 This one is a surprise to say the least. The Rangers have shown nothing that would qualify them for a spot in the top rated teams in the league, yet here they are. New York cannot score goals and, as we all learned the past three seasons, goaltender Henrik Lundqvist cannot win a Stanley Cup by himself.

Anaheim Ducks – Stanley Cup odds: 10 to 1 This is another surprise because the Ducks should have much better odds than 10 to 1. This is a very good hockey team that will give the Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings all they can handle when the playoffs finally roll around.

The Bottom Line: The Pittsburgh Penguins will be your Stanley Cup champion for this shortened 2013 season.
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