2014 College Basketball Odds: Kentucky Braces is Listed as Sportsbook Favorite


On the back of a super-prospect, John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats have been hand-picked to dominate the NCAA circuit. Sound familiar? That’s because we saw the same thing last year. And the year before. No wonder fans never know quite what to make of their college basketball odds. Bet on college basketball at Bovada and get a free 50% bonus.

2014 College Basketball OddsAfter a disappointing 2012-13 campaign, the Wildcats have the added pressure of showing that they’re not only one of the finest collections of bluechip talent hoops fans have seen in years, but that they can stave off a repeat of last year’s train wreck of a season.

Once regarded as preseason favorites – as they are now – the Wildcats didn’t even qualify for the NCAA tournament in 2013.

And you thought betting on NCAA Basketball was a straight-forward affair.

Can Julius Randle accomplish what Anthony Davis could and Nerlens Noel couldn’t? He has 13/4 odds of winning March Madness according to the oddsmakers in charge of the sportsbook.

We’re not saying that the No. 2 prospect in the nation will be able to throw an underwhelming squad on his back and carry them to a title, but we’d be mighty surprised if things went half as wrong as they did last year.Get your college basketball odds at Bovada.

Kentucky  4/1
Kansas  7/1
Michigan State  10/1
Duke  10/1
Louisville  10/1
Florida  12/1
Arizona  12/1
Ohio State  15/1
North Carolina  18/1
Syracuse  25/1
Michigan  30/1
Oklahoma State  35/1
Oregon  40/1
VCU  40/1
Memphis  50/1
Indiana  50/1
Connecticut  60/1
Wisconsin  60/1
St Louis  75/1
Pittsburgh  75/1
Viriginia  75/1
Georgetown  75/1
Colorado  75/1
Florida State  80/1
Gonzaga  100/1
Creighton  100/1
Marquette  100/1
Field (Any Other Team)  100/1
Butler  100/1
Iowa  100/1
Tennessee  100/1
Baylor  100/1
New Mexico  100/1
Wichita State  100/1
Missouri  100/1
Stanford  100/1
Villanova  100/1
UCLA  100/1
Texas  100/1
UNLV  100/1
Cincinnati  100/1
Illinois  100/1
North Carolina State  100/1
Notre Dame  100/1
St John’s  100/1
San Diego State  100/1
Ole Miss  100/1
Kansas State  100/1
Alabama  100/1
Maryland  100/1
Purdue  200/1
Xavier  200/1
Davidson  200/1
California  200/1
Minnesota  200/1
Temple  200/1
Iowa State  200/1
BYU  200/1
Arizona State  200/1
LSU  200/1
Arkansas  200/1
Boise State  200/1
Miami, Fl.  200/1
Saint Mary’s  300/1
South Carolina  300/1
Middle Tennessee State  300/1
Texas A&M  300/1
Colorado State  300/1
Southern Mississippi  300/1
Richmond  300/1
LaSalle  300/1
Belmont  300/1
Evansville  300/1
Northern Iowa  300/1
West Virginia  300/1
USC  300/1
Washington  300/1
Providence  300/1
Dayton  300/1
Vanderbilt  300/1
Harvard  300/1
Oklahoma  300/1
Boston College  500/1
Northwestern  500/1
Clemson  500/1
Wake Fores  t500/1
U Mass  500/1
Wisconsin Green Bay  500/1
St. Joseph’s  500/1
Charlotte  500/1
Georgia Tech  500/1
Ohio  1000/1
Fresno State  1000/1
Georgia  1000/1
Rhode Island  1000/1
Central Florida  1000/1
East Carolina  1000/1
Akron  1000/1
George Mason  1000/1
UTEP  1000/1


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