2014 NCAA Football Future Sportsbook Odds – Coaches That Should Thrive In New Roles


2014 NCAA Football Future Sportsbook Odds

It’s a honest bet that college football will generate a lot of interest this season. The NCAA Football game remains extraordinarily widespread and an excellent draw on television. The money for television contracts and conference networks has bolstered the college sports industry and given various schools more resources that they can use to then lure coaches from other programs.

2014 NCAA Football Future Sportsbook Odds An online casino deals with games of chance. Coaches hope that they can win by dint of preparation, harnessing the skills of their players. Which coaches will thrive in new roles at new programs with distinctive sets of challenges, ones that are different from what they’ve known before? An MMA betting expert with very little working knowledge of the rhythms of college football needs to pay attention to this list… at least, if winning at the betting window this autumn is an intended goal:

In the world of college football, the numbers and histories attached to a new coach possess limited value. What’s more interesting – and in some cases, more relevant to the way in which a coach will perform – is how that coach has proven himself at his previous places of employment. Here are the three who should thrive in their new positions:

The first coach, the one most likely to succeed, is Willie Taggart at South Florida. You will notice a common thread that knits together these coaches: They have won at places where it’s very difficult to win. Taggart tops the list in this regard. He was tabbed to take over at a Western Kentucky program shortly after the Hilltoppers had endured a winless season in 2009. Taggart swallowed a 2-10 rebuilding season in 2010 but then turned Western Kentucky into a winning outfit, going 7-5 in 2011 and repeating the feat in 2012. Western Kentucky made the first bowl game in the history of the program last season, a testament to the turnaround engineered by Taggart. You need to know that Taggart is a Jim Harbaugh protégé, someone who brings Harbaugh’s toughness and ferocity to everything he does. South Florida is likely to be whipped into shape by Taggart. He appears poised to lead the Bulls to bigger and better things in Tampa.

The second coach on this list is Gary Andersen, who left Utah State to take the head coaching position at Wisconsin. Andersen won at Utah State, which is extremely hard to do. The Aggies had not made a bowl game since 1997 when Andersen arrived on the scene in 2009. Yet, in the third year of Andersen’s tenure, the Aggies reached the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. One season later, they returned to the game and – on this occasion – won it. Wisconsin is getting a very good recruiter and a strong teacher of technique. The Badgers should benefit from Andersen’s presence in Madison.

The third coach on this list is Mike MacIntyre of Colorado, who won at San Jose State – guiding the Spartans to a bowl game last season – before jumping at the chance to go to the Pac-12 Conference and test himself at a higher level. If you can win at San Jose State, a program with precious few resources, you possess some coaching chops, period.

2014 NCAA Football Future Sportsbook Odds Provided by BOVADA.

Alabama 13/4
Oregon 6/1
Ohio State 7/1
Texas A&M 10/1
Georgia 12/1
LSU 16/1
South Carolina 18/1
Louisville 20/1
Clemson 25/1
Florida 25/1
Florida State 25/1
Stanford 25/1
Notre Dame 28/1
Miami 30/1
Oklahoma State 30/1
Texas 30/1
Michigan 35/1
Oklahoma 40/1
Nebraska 50/1
UCLA 50/1
USC 50/1
Wisconsin 60/1
Boise State 75/1
Michigan State 100/1
North Carolina 100/1
Oregon State 100/1
Rutgers 100/1
TCU 100/1
Washington 100/1
BYU 150/1
Cincinnati 150/1
Mississippi State 150/1
Tennessee 150/1
Virginia Tech 150/1
Arizona 200/1
Arkansas 200/1
Auburn 200/1
Iowa 200/1
Kansas State 200/1
Pittsburgh 200/1
California 300/1
Georgia Tech 300/1
Missouri 300/1
South Florida 300/1
West Virginia 300/1
Boston College 500/1


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