2014 New York Giants NFC Championship Odds


The Giants still have Justin Tuck at one DE slot, and if JPP is out, that puts a lot more pressure on the veteran. But now, the team’s selection of Texas A&M DE Damontre Moore in the third round of the draft this April also makes a lot more sense. It’s unclear whether Moore can be ready to play a substantial role by the start of the regular season, but he may have to. The other option is Mathias Kiwanuka, who is moving back to the D-line this season after playing a hybrid LB/DE role in seasons past. It’s likely that he’d get first shot at replacing JPP over Moore.

GiantsLooking outside the organization, the remaining FA options include John Abraham, though there’s been no buzz that the Giants have any interest in him whatsoever, and Pierre-Paul’s back issue isn’t something that popped up out of nowhere; seeing as the Giants knew that surgery was a possibility, they would’ve likely already reached out before now.

In the case of Cruz, at least we know why the wide receiver has gone AWOL. Contract negotiations have hit a snag, and Werder calls the situation a “stalemate.” Really, the ball is in Cruz’s court here. Cruz can sign the offered extension worth $7-8 million or continue his holdout, and perhaps the absence of Nicks makes that latter option all the more appealing.

After all, if Nicks ends up burning bridges to the point where the Giants no longer wish to retain his services, odds are they’ll be willing to add a little bit more to Cruz’s bank account to ensure the team isn’t forced to rely on the duo of Rueben Randle and Louis Murphy to keep the offense moving.

Team Odds
San Francisco 49ers 7/2
Green Bay Packers 5/1
Seattle Seahawks 6/1
Atlanta Falcons 8/1
New Orleans Saints 8/1
New York Giants 10/1
Washington Redskins 15/1
Chicago Bears 15/1
Dallas Cowboys 15/1
Detroit Lions 20/1
Minnesota Vikings 20/1
Carolina Panthers 25/1
Philadelphia Eagles 25/1
St Louis Rams 25/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30/1
Arizona Cardinals 50/1


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