2014 NFL Preseason Week 1 – Raiders And Vikings Both Have A Lot To Prove As They Return To Action


After offseasons that felt very different, the Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings will take the field once more this Friday night in NFL Preseason Week 1 . They’re both planning to be picked in order to complete at or near the underside of their respective divisions. Can one or these two teams produce a surprise in the coming season?

NFL Preseason Week 1 How will they do?Oakland Raiders @ Minnesota Vikings – Friday, August 8

Sports betting line: Vikings -1

Why Oakland Will Win

This can be a situation in that your Raiders could very easily come out and play with more pride and energy than the Vikings. The Raiders, to tell the truth, certainly are a mess. They have very little direction or stability as a franchise. It will be a huge surprise if this team did not finish in last place in the AFC West, because one other three teams in the division all made the playoffs last season. The Raiders are getting nowhere, and they discover how much work they have to do to begin to improve people’s minds about their fate in 2010 and in the future. This appears like a group that’s not worth picking at all, in the preseason, this really is the type of team that can’t be written off. To be much more specific, this really is the type of team that, because it’s likely to be so bad, will play its starters more minutes than lots of other NFL teams will in the very first game of the preseason. In the next game on a preseason schedule, far more teams will play their starters for a complete half as an outfit rehearsal for the actual season ahead, so in those games, you intend to pick the team you expect to be fairly good during the regular season. However, in the very first game of the preseason schedule, it’s a lot easier and more realistic to pick the bad regular-season team to win. The starters and the second-stringers on the Raiders do have more to prove than the starters and second-stringers on most teams in a first game of the preseason. That’s how odd results come about.

Why Minnesota Will Win

When online football betting analysts understand this game, they’re going to point out that while Oakland’s starters do have more to prove, it’s not like Minnesota’s don’t have anything to prove. The Vikings had an awful season last year. There were some successes at times, but nothing really was sustained right from the start of the season to the very end. The Vikings also know they’ve to complete lots of what to shift perceptions of the franchise and improve the mood in the inner circles of the organization. At quarterback, this pressure is keenly felt, with Christian Ponder battling Matt Cassel and newcomer Teddy Bridgewater for the job. The Vikings are unsettled enough at quarterback that they should get inspired performances from their website in the comparatively low-key environment of the preseason.

Who Will Win

The Vikings’battle at quarterback is probably going to give Minnesota the additional push it must play well on offense. Minnesota is weak enough that it will make an effort to win this game, and that’s probably what’s going to really make the difference.

NFL Betting Pick: Vikings -1

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