2015 NHL Playoffs First Round Series – Who Has The Edge


2015 NHL Playoffs  – Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues -There are reasons to select the Wild here, the chief one being that Minnesota was able to win a playoff series last year as the number seven seed, going facing second-seeded Colorado. The Wild were also able to win a Game 7 traveling, which is not quite simple to do in just about any team sport. Minnesota has that experience in mind and hopes to have the ability to show a similarly advanced of resilience against St. Louis. However, the Blues may have the benefits of home ice and (separately) realizing that their main nemesis, the Chicago Blackhawks, is not the first-round opponent.

2015 NHL PlayoffsSt. Louis has fielded some very strong regular season teams recent years. Plenty of people in and around the NHL think it’s time in order for them to – if not break through – at least make a deeper run in the playoffs, dealing with the Western Conference Finals at a minimum. Search for St. Louis to win this series in six tough games against Minnesota, which is improbable to create this best-of-seven showdown an easy one. 2015 NHL Playoffs Picks St. Louis.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Rangers -The final series in this group is one in which the Rangers should hold most of the cards. They clearly have the greater goaltender in Henrik Lundqvist. They’ve been playing a lot better within the last 8 weeks, while Pittsburgh has steadily struggled. The Penguins aren’t a team that’s in a short slump; they have gone downward within the last month. Pittsburgh has won only five times since March 9. That’s five weeks of bad hockey, and that’s going to meet up with the Penguins here. The Rangers should take the series in five or six games. 2015 NHL Playoffs Picks: New York Rangers


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