2015 Super Bowl Odds – Denver Broncos the Favorite


The Denver Broncos are now actually the favorites in Super Bowl odds at Online sportsbook. The 2014 NFL Draft has become in the books and there have been several adjustments to the numbers. The Denver Broncos are now actually the favorites with odds around 5-1. The defending champion Seattle Seahawks are the 2nd choice with odds of just over 5-1. The San Francisco 49ers are the next choice in the betting with odds of just over 6-1. The only real other team with single-digit odds may be the New England Patriots with odds of just over 7-1. Here is a look at the latest numbers.

2015 Super Bowl Odds - Denver Broncos the Favorite

The Denver Broncos are one of the most talented teams in football heading into 2014. But do they have the depth needed across multiple positions?

Odds to Win Super Bowl XLIX

Denver Broncos 5-1

Seattle Seahawks 5.5-1

San Francisco 49ers 6.5-1

New England Patriots 7.5-1

Green Bay Packers 13-1

New Orleans Saints 18-1

Indianapolis Colts 25-1

Atlanta Falcons 29-1

Philadelphia Eagles 29-1

Carolina Panthers 30-1

Chicago Bears 32-1

Pittsburgh Steelers 36-1

San Diego Chargers 38-1

Cincinnati Bengals 37-1

Detroit Lions 38-1

Arizona Cardinals 39-1

Baltimore Ravens 40-1

Houston Texans 42-1

Kansas City Chiefs 42-1

New York Giants 42-1

Dallas Cowboys 44-1

St. Louis Rams 45-1

Tampa Bay Bucs 48-1

Miami Dolphins 50-1

Washington Redskins 50-1

New York Jets 60-1

Cleveland Browns 75-1

Buffalo Bills 95-1

Tennessee Titans 95-1

Minnesota Vikings 120-1

Jacksonville Jaguars 185-1

Oakland Raiders 185-1

Post Draft Line Movement

The odds on the top four teams didn’t move much although the Denver Broncos did move ahead of the Seattle Seahawks as the brand new Super Bowl favorite. The Green Bay Packers had their odds move down from 18-1 to 13-1 and the New Orleans Saints had their odds drop from 23-1 to 18-1. The odds on the St. Louis Rams dropped from 55-1 to 45-1. Betting Odds on the Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons actually went up only a little bit. The odds on the Cincinnati Bengals went up quite a bit as they rose from 28-1 to their current 37-1 odds. Various other teams also had their odds rise just like the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys.

The teams that had the biggest line movement in NFL futures were considered longshots. The Oakland Raiders went from 230-1 to the current 185-1 and the Buffalo Bills went from 80-1 to 95-1.

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