Betting Point Spreads 2013 NFL Preseason Week 2 – Will the Jets get on Track taken on the Jaguars


The NFL betting websites are in full swing already and it is only week two of the preseason. As much as things feel like they change when a new season begins, it does not take long to realize that they have actually stayed the same. The Jacksonville Jaguars refuse to give up on the notion that Blaine Gabbert is an NFL starting quarterback, despite the fact that Gabbert has spent the last two years proving that he is decidedly not starter material. The Jags took a beating in week one of the preseason from the Dolphins by a score of 27-3. That is just a small sample of what Jags’ fans can expect all season long.

Betting Point Spreads 2013 NFL Preseason

The Jaguars were a disaster last season, losing 14 games in the AFC and finishing near the bottom in offense. Could they surprise in 2013?

The betting sites do not want to admit it, but New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is losing his mind. Ryan was quoted as saying that he did not see the pathetic interception that Mark Sanchez threw in the Jets’ preseason opener against the Lions. Not only is Ryan trying to ignore how bad Sanchez is, but now his press conferences are getting disjointed and unpredictable. Ryan opened his latest press conference by showing film of the Jets in the game against Detroit. None of it made sense to the media, but it is a frightening look into just how unraveled Rex Ryan was becoming.

There is a contingency of sports betting experts who believe that the Jets are just chaotic enough to go 0-16 this season. While that seems a bit unlikely, it does show just how little faith the bettors have in the abilities of Sanchez and Ryan. This is the kind of a game that the Jacksonville Jaguars need in order to gain some confidence and possibly develop momentum heading into the regular season.

If rookie quarterback Geno Smith is healthy enough to play in this game, then the Jets have a chance to win. Smith may not be as mobile as he could be because of his sprained ankle, but he has already shown that he is more accurate than Sanchez and he makes better decisions as well. The fear in the Big Apple is that Smith will show that he should be the starter for the team, but that Ryan will do what he always does and hand the ball to Mark Sanchez. Whatever Rex Ryan things he sees in Sanchez, no one else sees it anymore.

The Jacksonville Jaguars need to start making some significant changes to their offense if they want to win football games. With what the Jaguars have now on offense, four wins is probably the maximum that the team and its fans can hope for. As far as many football observers are concerned, that could be four more wins than the New York Jets will see in 2013. NFL Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars.

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