Denver Broncos Prop Bets – In Super Bowl XLVIII Betting Odds


The Denver Broncos have successfully made it to the Super Bowl, but now they must take on the Seattle Seahawks in their toughest test of the season. The Seahawks defense will likely cause some problems for Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense, but it should still be one of the best games of the year as we get to see these two teams face off in an open-air stadium, in a location where it very well could snow during game time. This game will be an interesting one, but the following four Denver Broncos Prop Bets are designed to make it more fun for the fans, and more intriguing for the sports gamblers.

Denver Broncos Prop BetsWho will have more receiving yards? Doug Baldwin (+25.5) or Demaryius Thomas (-25.5) -If not for the 25.5-yard spread this would be by far one of the easier to predict prop bets. However, the 25.5 yards is roughly two extra catches for Thomas, a feat I think he should still obtain, but may be made tougher if Russell Wilson zones in on Baldwin throughout the game. The Seahawks do have some of the best cornerbacks in the league, but the Broncos have plenty of offensive weapons making it difficult for them to shut down anyone, leading me to believe Thomas will end the game with more receiving yards than Baldwin.

Denver Broncos Prop Bets  – Who will catch a pass first? Eric Decker (-115) or Demaryius Thomas (-115) -Although I’m not a fan of leaving my money up to chance, which is what this prop bet is all-dependent on, this is still one that I may sucked into betting on. Decker is often someone Peyton tries to incorporate early, leading me to favor Decker in this situation. Of course the pass must still be caught to count, and Decker has had some problems with his hands this season, yet I see him getting a catch before the deep-threat Thomas on Super Bowl Sunday.

How many times will Archie Manning be shown on TV? Over/under =2 -Archie Manning is always fair game for broadcasters to talk about when one of his son’s is playing in the Super Bowl. When Eli was winning his two championships both Archie and Peyton were on hand to watch, and now with Peyton getting another shot I expect to see Archie and Eli sitting in a box. Considering the camera people will pan to Archie after every great Peyton play, I think taking the over for this bet is the smart move.

How many times will Peyton say “Omaha” during the game? Over/under =27.5 -Although he’s been saying it his whole career people are finally taking notice of Peyton’s audible verbiage when on the line of scrimmage. Omaha has taken he sporting world by storm the past couple of weeks, and now there is a prop bet on how many times the veteran will call it out during the game. However, 27.5 times is a lot, and considering there are only 60-70 snaps per team each game, I am sticking with the under on this one. Click here to see more NFL betting lines.


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