Dwight Howard Prop Betting Odds – Where will Dwight Howard play his first regular season game next year


Dwight Howard is eligible to receive a max five-year contract worth about $118 million and his agent will ask for all of that. Both Kobe Bryant and general manager Mitch Kupchak want Howard to re-sign with the team.

Dwight Howard Prop Betting OddsThe Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets will make a run at Howard beginning on July 1 and those teams will offer him the most they can under the collective bargaining agreement — $87.6 million.

Dwight Howard met with the LA media on Tuesday and when asked, he didn’t want to talk about his free agent plans.

“I want to get away from everything and focus on me and making the decision for me, and that’s not happening today,” Howard told “I’m just going to get away, and I don’t think that I should get pressured by anybody to make a decision because this decision is for myself and myself only, and making a decision like this, you don’t want to make it off emotions. You don’t want to make it off what other people are saying.”

“No way would I want this guy to lead my team. Great talent, but way too immature.” “Where will Dwight Howard play his first regular season game next year prop bet Listed Below”

Here are the Dwight Howard Prop Betting Odds:
Lakers (-300)
Rockets (+250)
Mavericks (+350)
Field (+350)
Hawks (+1000)
Nets (+1500)


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