How do College Football Point Spreads Work? Reading In To The College Lines To Make The Right Plays


The majority of sportsbook reviews readers that bet on college football know all about the teams they are betting on. They know the names, the systems, the results, and the overall standings. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of betting on college football is the spread, and how much of a positive impact it has on players that are able to read between the lines and analyze the numbers. The point of the spread is to create a situation where the players betting on each game have as close to even as possible a number of bets on each side, which creates a situation where the money secured by the books cancels out the money paid out, with the juice leading to an overall profit. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why a sportsbook would overcompensate in order to make players bet against a team that should be able to cover, so when it comes to college football spreads it’s important not to overlook the obvious.

College Football Point SpreadsThe perfect price per head example of this is a match up between Alabama and Syracuse, in particular an early season game in which there isn’t a lot to draw off of. With the Crimson Tide the defending national champions and once again considered to be an elite BCS contender, and the Orange expected to struggle in the ACC, there is an obvious difference between the two teams. Now, the oddsmakers can list Alabama at -34.5, meaning they would have to win by five touchdowns to cover the sports betting odds. However, that is still a reasonable spread, and with fans knowing more about Alabama than Syracuse there is a good chance the public would go way too hard on the Crimson Tide. However, if the Crimson Tide were listed at -44.5, then suddenly they would have to win by more than seven touchdowns, which is a lot less likely. There would still be those that bet Alabama, but that is clearly a situation where the spread would make taking the Orange a worthy play.

The live betting spread for every game is never the same, so it’s important to understand the teams and what the best possible play is. It makes a lot of sense to determine what the line should be ahead of time and then compare it to the actual number, just to see what the experts have listed in comparison with where it should be. That makes it much easier to be able to point out situations where the experts have altered the lines in order to persuade the public to bet a certain team regardless of whether they are expected to cover or not, and being able to determine that ahead of time is the key to making a big score week in and week out. For all of the latest college football betting futures lines and news, be sure to check out the best online betting sites.


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