Mayweather-Pacquiao Vegas Odds – Where to Bet On The Fight


When people refer to the fight as “the fight of the century”, they’re not wrong. Yes, that phrase is employed a whole lot, but I feel that this is actually usually the one time that it’s true. After all look at these two fighters, Mayweather, has an undefeated record of 47-0, and Pacquiao, who holds an archive 57-5-2. That’s a mixed 104 wins, which I’m sure is one of the most or very close to the most ever combined wins between two fighters, and even if not it’s still pretty damn remarkable.

Betting on Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao will nearly reach Super Bowl levels

Betting on Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao will nearly reach Super Bowl levels

This fight has been one of the most asked for fights in recent history, and it all started back in 2009 when it had been originally suppose to occur, but fell through when Mayweather requested that both parties proceed through Olympic-style drug testing, but Pacquiao denied and just that way the fight was off. Bet on The Fight receive 50% Sign Up Bonus.

Then in May of 2010 it had been reported that Pacquiao was extending the offer to fight and would be willing to complete the olympic-stlye drug testing just as long as he didn’t have to give an absurd quantity of blood. This time although it was Mayweather who denied the fight, slating his reason being he was taking the year off.

At this time people ever wondered if this fight was ever planning to happen.

Speculation eve started swirling around that Mayweather no more wanted this fight to happen. Why? Well, still being undefeated, I do believe he thought that the sole person who actually had an opportunity to give him that first loss was indeed Pacquiao.

Then on January 13th, 2015 both parties agreed to meet in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand Garden, for the “Fight of the Century” on May 2nd.

So here we’re, significantly less than 5 days away from possibly the biggest fight of most of our lives. This is actually the Joe Fraizer v. Muhammad Ali of our generation.  I do believe i’ll meet most of the hype its getting and rightfully deserves.


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