MLB Baseball Predictions – Picks For Tuesday, July 8


There’s reason to trust that the New York Yankees are now in an exceedingly good position to MLB Baseball Predictions win the American League East, while the Atlanta Braves have sorted out their problems for the time being in the National League East. Can these two teams continue on the proper path?

MLB Baseball Predictions - Picks For Tuesday, July 8Game 1: Baltimore Orioles @ Washington Nationals – Tuesday, July 8

The Washington Nationals are seeing the Atlanta Braves move forward in the National League East. The Braves just come up with a nine-game winning streak before finally losing the 2009 Sunday to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Nationals have to find a way to close the gap on the Braves in the week before the All-Star Break in Minneapolis. Washington does have the advantage of knowing this 1 of its better starting pitchers, Doug Fister, is on the mound in this game. Fister has a 2.93 ERA. He originated in the American League, where he pitched the previous few seasons with the Detroit Tigers. Generally, the adjustment from the American League to the National League is a lot smoother compared to the reverse. Fister should be a very comfortable pitcher in general. Now, he are certain to get tested by an American League lineup. However, since he’s seen the Orioles plenty of occasions when at Detroit, he should have the ability to have a game title plan that can stop the Birds. Take the Nationals in this game for that very reason.

MLB Betting Picks: Washington

Game 2: New York Yankees @ Cleveland Indians – Tuesday, July 8

The pitching matchup in this game may be the Yankees’hoped-for matchup, and not due to who Cleveland has on the mound. The Indians are sending Trevor Bauer to the hill. Bauer has a 4.42 ERA, but he could have had a 3.32 ERA in this game and still been the underdog. Exactly why is this so? The Yankees are sending their ace, Masahiro Tanaka, to the bump. Tanaka is in the top three as far as the American League Cy Young Award race is concerned. He has a 2.27 ERA. He’s pitched at the very least six innings atlanta divorce attorneys start this season. The 2009 Thursday against Minnesota, he quit more than three earned runs for initially all season. That’s not just a misprint. Tanaka has been ridiculously consistent, and following a comparatively bad start, he should be ready to dominate again. Cleveland just doesn’t have an escape hatch here. The Yankees should win in Ohio.

MLB Betting Pick: New York Yankees

Game 3: Atlanta Braves @ New York Mets – Tuesday, July 8

The Braves get to send one of their better starting pitchers, Julio Teheran, to the rubber in this one. Teheran has a very snappy 2.29 ERA. He has established a standard that will probably be very difficult for New York starter Jacob deGrom to match. New York has been a largely feeble team this year, just like the previous few seasons. It will be a surprise if the Mets get off the mat and stop the red-hot Braves on Tuesday.

MLB Baseball Predictions: Atlanta


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