MLB Update – Three Teams are Now Interested in Signing Kyle Lohse


MLB Update on Kyle Lohse, who is still lone significant free agent this spring, has had three clubs wanting him in the Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Ranger and Colorado Rockies. The Rockies, Ken Rosenthal writes, are simply doing their due diligence on the right-hander and are unlikely to match Lohse’s asking price of somewhere around what Ryan Dempster got from the Boston Red Sox — two years, $26.5 million.

MLB Update

Kyle Lohse has been sitting in this dugout the whole time. – Christian Petersen

Lohse, as we’ve noted here at Rumor Central, signed two weeks into March a year ago, so he’s got some experience handling this sort of situation. If he sits out until after the first week in June — after the draft — clubs will not have to sacrifice the draft pick to sign him, which is likely to open his market substantially.

In that scenario, Lohse can shop for a contending team, too, and appears to be more and more likely. The Reds are still a club not mentioned enough in the ‘possibility’ category, as they near a decision on lefty Aroldis Chapman, and a club such as the New York Yankees could have heightened interest should Lohse give indications he’s willing to take a one-year contract.

If Lohse does end up in Texas, he will pitched in a park that is far more hitter friendly, cautions Mark Simon of ESPN Stats & Info.

One dark horse for Lohse may be the Reds if they decide Aroldis Chapman belongs in the closer role once and for all. They have enough starters, but Lohse may be viewed as an upgrade over Mike Leake. The Reds’ first-round pick is the final selection of the round at No. 28, but they also own pick No. 37 as a result of the competitive balance lottery, so they could be willing to make a move.


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