Monday Night Football Picks ESPN – Can The Raiders Make This Monday Night Game Mysterious?


After beating the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Oakland Raiders are no longer winless. However, how much will that be able to upgrade their odds of winning in Denver against the Broncos? Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos – Monday Picks, September 23. Sports betting line: Broncos -16.5.

Monday Night Football Picks

Game time! Monday Night Football! The Denver Broncos host the Oakland Raiders Monday September 23 at 8:40 p.m. EDT on the NFL’s national stage.

Why Oakland Will Win – This is a situation in which the Raiders know that everyone in America is doubting them. This is the kind of competitive context that brings out the most inspired kind of effort from a group of individuals. The Raiders will find it easy to be motivated for this game. It’s a spotlight event. Everyone else in the NFL will be resting, waiting to take the measure of the Raiders as well as the Broncos. Oakland proved to be surprisingly competitive in its first game of the season, a road game in Indianapolis against the Colts. If the Raiders bring that same fire and focus to this game against Denver, they could create a flow of events that is different from what most football pundits and casual fans are expecting. In particular, when football betting specialists delve more deeply into this game, they’ll likely note that Oakland quarterback Terrelle Pryor can change the shape of this competition with his legs. If Pryor is able to run for first downs in third-and-short or third-and-medium situations, Denver’s linebackers and safeties might have to cheat up the field toward the tackle box as the game goes along. The running threat posed by Pryor could then open up the deep pass against single coverage in the Broncos’ secondary. There are some noticeable ways in which Oakland could make Denver’s defense markedly vulnerable. If Oakland can strike on a few occasions early in the game, the Raiders could build a 14-0 lead and make Denver sweat. The Broncos would likely mount a comeback, but Denver might panic just enough in a few key situations to give Oakland a slight edge in the fourth quarter. The Raiders’ margin for error would dramatically increase if coach Dennis Allen’s team can get off to a good start.

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Why Denver Will Win – When the best online betting sites tackle this clash, they will point out that the Broncos scored only one touchdown in the first half of this past Sunday’s game against the New York Giants… and finished with 41 points. Denver’s offense might get bottled up for short or even modest periods of time, but this is an offense that is not going to be contained for all four quarters. It’s just too good. Peyton Manning owns such noticeable command of the game at the line of scrimmage. He is able to make every read and every sight adjustment, which puts the Broncos at a huge advantage. A typical Manning game means Denver will score at least 35 points, and if that happens, Oakland will likely get blown out.

Who Will Win -The notion that Oakland can hang with Denver for four quarters is a notion that doesn’t seem to be very convincing. Terrelle Pryor will have to be great, and Peyton Manning will have to be average. That pair of possibilities just doesn’t appear to be quite likely. NFL Betting Pick: Broncos -16.5. For the latest NFL betting spreads and other informational nuggets, click here.


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