NBA Basketball Playoff Picks Thursday – Clippers Playing With Renewed Focus Heading In To Decisive Game Six


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver didn’t waste any time dropping heavy sanctions on Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling, and his ability to get the job done so quickly not only put the focus back on what has been a wildly entertaining first round, but also gave the Clippers themselves somewhat of a renewed focus. Los Angeles rallied to beat the Golden State Warriors in game five and take a 3-2 series lead on Tuesday, setting up an opportunity for the Clippers to clinch the Basketball Playoff Picks series on Thursday.

NBA Basketball Playoff PicksIndiana Pacers @ Atlanta Hawks
Thursday, 7:00 PM ET
Game 6 – Hawks lead 3-2

Every time the Pacers seem like they are back on track, they lose. Indiana and Atlanta have traded wins every game of this series, but now the Pacers are on the road for game six and facing elimination against a hungry Atlanta team that doesn’t want to risk going to game seven on the road. From the supposed locker room issues to Roy Hibbert’s almost magical disappearing act, there has been no shortage of talking points for Indiana’s fall as the top seed in the East. That said, they still have a chance to rally and win the series, so look for them to recover at least some sort of an edge for game six, as the prospect of elimination inspires them to play their best game of the series.

NBA Basketball Playoff Picks Thursday: Indiana Pacers

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Memphis Grizzlies
Thursday, 8:00 PM ET
Game 6 – Grizzlies lead 3-2

The Thunder have their own issues as one of the NBA title favorites from the West, as they too have to go on the road facing elimination in game six on Thursday. Oklahoma City has been given all that it can handle by this tough Memphis team, and a 100-99 overtime loss that literally went down to the final millisecond on Tuesday now has them on the brink. Russell Westbrook finished that game with 30 points, but he needed a game-high 31 shots to get it, and Kevin Durant was held to 26 points on 10-of-24 shooting. Eventually it has to be the scoring champion that gets the most shots, and perhaps it’s the prospect of a first-round elimination that will provide the spark the Thunder need to put the ball in Durant’s hands and let him do his thing.

NBA Betting Pick: Oklahoma City Thunder

Los Angeles Clippers @ Golden State Warriors
Thursday, 10:30 PM ET
Game 6 – Clippers lead 3-2

Head coach Doc Rivers and the Clippers’ players admitted after their game 5-loss that the team had lost its focus, but that wasn’t the case for game 6 after word came down that Sterling had been banned for life and would be forced to sell his team. Just two days after putting up a goose egg in the points department for game 5, DeAndre Jordan led the way with a game-high 25 points in game 6, and LA seemed to rally around its newfound position. Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and Jordan are too much for the Warriors to handle when all three players are performing at a high level, and when you factor in both Jamal Crawford and Darren Collison combining for more than 30 points off the bench, it’s clear this group has what it takes to move on if its focus is in the right place.
NBA Basketball Playoff Picks Thursday: Los Angeles Clippers



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