NBA Playoff Predictions – Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Game 2


Many fans wrote the Rockets off late in the standard year following a disappointing loss to Phoenix. Houston responded next loss winning its final three games by a combined 79 points to earn this first-round matchup. Those games were against lottery-bound clubs and not the Warriors, so it’s hard to think Houston has much of a chance. But there is a chance. Let’s take a look at Game 2 NBA Playoff Predictions.

NBA Playoff Predictions Houston wasn’t one of many nine teams to beat the Warriors during the standard year, and they didn’t come near to an upset when Golden State was at full strength. The Warriors swept the three-game season series, winning by on average 16.5 points when Stephen Curry was in the lineup. No team beat the Warriors over and over again this season and it could be considered an accomplishment if the Rockets could steal more than a game.

In their first step towards capping off their 73-win season with an NBA championship, the Warriors face the Rockets in a rematch of last year’s Western Conference final. This time there isn’t much doubt regarding the outcome. After finishing 32 games ahead of Houston in the regular season standings, the Warriors are considered to be a near lock to advance to the second round. The Dubs went 39-2 at home this season and will be a double-digit favorite in Game 2.

You will find not many basketball fans who think the Rockets have a potential for winning a game, aside from the series. Heck, even fans in Houston don’t give their beloved team much hope. A Houston TV station recently conducted a poll where 97 percent of the respondents said the Rockets would lose the series. Even the people who believe in them the absolute most do not believe in them. Houston’s leaky defense doesn’t give us a lot of confidence in thinking they can get a victory. The Warriors are too good and have too many weapons to stop. It’s hard to imagine Golden State having a collective cold shooting night, which will be about the only path the Rockets would manage to steal a win. NBA Playoff Predictions Houston Rockets +14.


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