NBA Playoff Predictions – Oklahoma City Thunder at Golden State Warriors Game 7


The NBA Playoff Predictions Game 7 of any series in virtually any sport is typically considered a somewhat fair fight. Even the largest underdogs always seem to really have a shot at getting the work done. Nevertheless, the world is writing off the Oklahoma City Thunder as of this point. They blew their possibility to close out the 73-win Golden State Warriors on their property court, and now they face the arduous – and perhaps impossible – task of winning in Game 7 on Monday night at Oracle Arena, a location where the Warriors hardly ever lose.

NBA Playoff Predictions It’s pretty clear to us that the sharp team will probably be Oklahoma City on Monday night. Everything is going contrary to the Thunder because it is, not minimal of that is the fact that Monday is a vacation, and fans won’t have the excuse of experiencing to have away from work early to access the arena for a 6:00 p.m. PT game. Oakland will probably be rocking for sure from the start, and that won’t help OKC out one bit.

The Warriors are probably going to be even squarer in live betting, especially as this game goes on if it stays close. The public perception over the course of the next couple days is going to suggest that this series is finished, and live betting will clearly go along those lines.

So yes, Oklahoma City is only a dog by a touchdown on the opening NBA lines for Game 7, but it’s going to be tough to watch in Game 7.

Big time players come up big in big time spots and big time games. If Kevin Durant truly has played his last home game as a member of the Thunder as some speculate, his last images are going to be lollygagging during an inbounds play with the game likely out of reach anyway, getting the ball poked away from him on a rebound in a three-point game with under a minute to play and shooting up a wild three which had no chance of falling on the possession prior to that.

Meanwhile, the last thing Thunder fans might see this year is Stephen Curry knocking down two huge shots and grabbing two steals in the last 15 seconds of the game to cement the victory.

When the going got tough, it was the Thunder who buried their heads in the sand while the Warriors came up with the shots which almost felt magical. With the series shifting back to Oakland, you’ll have to forgive live bettors for wondering if the same is going to happen for 48 minutes in Game 7.

Both teams come into Game Seven in a healthy body and without significant injuries to report. The Thunder need to be kicking themselves for not closing out the series at home. However, they played extremely tight down the stretch and I expect Oklahoma City in the future out and play loose in Game Seven. NBA Playoff Picks Bet on Oklahoma City Thunder +7.


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