NFL Week 12 Predictions – Cowboys Try To Halt New York’s Surge In The NFC East


The New York Giants appeared to be dead and buried after six games this season, but now they’re very much alive. The Dallas Cowboys need to put the Giants away. Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants – Sunday, November 24. Betting line: Giants -1. NFL Week 12 Predictions Listed bottom of the page.

NFL Week 12 Predictions The legal football betting dynamics of this game are complicated, but one view can pierce through the fog of confusion. What should be said in this game is that the New York Giants do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. Big Blue has been an embarrassment for much of the season, and when you look at the Giants’ recent string of wins, they’ve occurred in large part because of a great deal of fortune. The Giants needed an injury to Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles in order to beat the Eagles on the road in Philadelphia. The Eagles were hamstrung on offense because third-stringer Matt Barkley had to step in for Foles, and he wasn’t ready. Later in the season, the Giants were in huge trouble against the Oakland Raiders, but an interception by New York’s defense on a horrible pass by Oakland quarterback Terrelle Pryor turned the game around in an instant. The Giants will need more good fortune to win this game, and while Sean Lee being out for the Cowboys certainly represents as much, the Giants will need some in-game breaks and favorable bounces to continue their run. The odds suggest that New York can’t continue to win that way. The Giants will have to be excellent in order to win this particular game, but the Giants have not been that kind of team this season.


The kinds of points that support a given betting play are often complex, but in this case, the biggest reason to bet on the Giants is really rather obvious. Sean Lee is, quite simply, the Dallas Cowboys’ most important defensive player. He got injured earlier this month, and as a result, the Cowboys’ defense – which had been doing quite well for much of the month of October (especially after surrendering 51 points to the Denver Broncos) – abruptly ceased to function in a 49-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints. When you realize that San Francisco’s defense limited New Orleans to just two touchdowns the following week, it’s clear that Lee’s absence turned the Cowboys’ defense into a sieve. This is not what the team could afford going into New York.

For a bettor, this is a hard game to size up, just because there are variables raised by Dallas’ injuries and also the Cowboys’ emergence from a bye week. The verdict is that the Giants will be able to throw the ball against the Cowboys’ safeties and linebackers. Take New York by a whisker.

NFL Week 12 Predictions: Giants -1. Get the latest inside skinny on the NFL’s week 12 lines at the foremost authority for betting on the web.


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