NFL Week 2 Preseason Predictions – Vikings Have Their Own Issues To Deal With On Friday


After blowing out and shutting out the Houston Texans, the Arizona Cardinals could find it simple to relax in week two of the NFL preseason. However, the preseason is created on the rear of position battles, and plenty of players fighting for the paychecks that go with roster spots. There’s an excessive amount of on the line for too many of the players in preseason games. Arizona has to have production from its backups when it assumes the Minnesota Vikings. Let’s take a look at NFL Week 2 Preseason Predictions listed below.

NFL Week 2 Preseason Predictions vikings look to get it doneArizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings – Saturday, August 16

Sports betting line: Vikings -3

Why Arizona Will Win

This is a situation in that the casual sports betting observer could be inclined to say, “Well, Arizona pitched a shutout last week, so in the preseason, it’s likely to relax this week.” That’s not how preseason games often work. It’s true that Arizona might not play along with it did last week. That’s certainly possible. However, the Cardinals and other NFL teams remain at a place in week two of the preseason when they have to see plenty of players fight for positions on the roster. It’s in the next preseason game when you begin to see the starters be in about one half of play, maybe one and a half quarters, as something which approaches a dress rehearsal for the season. In week two, though, it’s still all about the backups and the next guys on the depth chart. There’s a lot to play for on these rosters. There’s almost no that has been decided. It’s a long road to the ultimate roster cuts after week four of the preseason, the ultimate round of cuts that bring rosters for their 53-man configuration for the normal season. Arizona really has a lot of reason to push forward in this game. You might not begin to see the Cardinals at their utmost, at least not relative to last week, but you will still see a solid effort, and that could easily be sufficient to beat the Vikings, given their sputtering offense, which did barely anything last week contrary to the Oakland Raiders.

Why Minnesota Will Win

Once you consider the Vikings, you’re taking a look at a group that’s trying to work things on offense. It’s true that is going to be described as a work happening, so you should not have expected a higher level of production from Minnesota in its preseason opener last week against Oakland. However, given that Teddy Bridgewater features a game under his belt in the NFL, and given that the team has already established an opportunity to go look at game film and study what went wrong on offense contrary to the Raiders, you ought to see a better performance against Arizona. Bridgewater and all Minnesota’s quarterbacks, while they compete for the starting spot, must be sharper and more together with their games. Arizona will play hard, but the Cardinals will likely experience a shed in form compared to what they did last weekend contrary to the Houston Texans.

Who Will Win

The Vikings remain behind the curve on offense, and Arizona features a relentless defense which, even yet in the preseason, will probably have enough depth to consistently stymie Minnesota’s offense throughout this game, not merely in the initial half.

NFL Betting Pick: Cardinals +3


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