Odds Game 3 NBA Finals 2013 – Will The Heat Take Control in Game 3?


Remember the Heat’s series against Indiana? Remember how it went to seven NBA games? And remember how most sports bettors questioned whether LeBron James and company had the wherewithal to turn a record season into a solid playoff run? And more profitable for betting fans as well..

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You probably remember it. And you also probably remember how they crushed Game 7, forcing everyone to apologize for second guessing Miami. And then Game 1 against the Spurs happened.

The second-guessing resumed. Scores of Sports Betting Online members continued the questioning, wondering whether LeBron James and company (heard this before?) have the balls to take down the seemingly unstoppable Tim Duncan and his San Antonio Spurs.

And then…yes, another “and then”… Game 2 of the NBA finals happened. After dropping the first game to San Antonio, the Miami Haat came back with a vengeance, besting the Spurs 103-84 in a stellar show of might.

LeBron netted 17 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 blocks, and 3 steals. But he wasn’t the star of the show. He’s not the guy most online sports book members are talking about this morning.

People also aren’t talking about Mario Chalmers who scored 19 points. They aren’t talking about Chris Bosh who walked away with 12 points. Nor are they talking about Dwayne Wade who earned 10.

They’re talking about the solid play throughout every inch of the game the led to the victory. They’re talking about a squad that displayed the type of cohesiveness that was reminiscent of their play during their ridiculously long regular season winning streak. And they’re talking about that, despite missing 10 of his first 12 attempts, LeBron James was tight throughout most of the game, passing the ball went it counted, scoring when it counted, and setting things up perfectly to push the Spurs’ collective ego down.

It worked, too. The Spurs committed 17 turnovers, which ultimately netted Miami 19 points in the process. Tim Duncan had a dismal 3-13 success rate on the court. Tony Parker only netted 13 points. Pretty miserable.

The Miami Heat, sports bettors, is back to their opponent crushing, hardwood dominating pre-playoff self. If you want to ride the wave of excitement, bet on tonight’s matchup at No matter who nets a win, you’ll walk away with 10% cash back. The money is paid on all your bets, win or lose.

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