Silva vs Weidman Odds for UFC Rematch – Silva The Favorite For UFC Middleweight Rematch Versus Weidman


Chris Weidman ended Anderson Silva’s seven-year reign as the most dominant pound-for-pound champion in UFC history. According to the sportsbook reviews odds, that still isn’t enough to make him the favorite for the rematch. Silva is listed at 8/13 odds to win the rematch against Weidman and take back his Odds for UFC Middleweight title, compared to Weidman at 5/4 odds. It appeared as though Spider wasn’t even interested in taking the rematch initially, but with a lot of money on the line and the chance to prove that the original meeting had more to do with him not taking things seriously rather than Weidman being the better fighter, it was simply too much to resist.

Silva vs Weidman Odds for UFC RematchEven after losing to Weidman, Silva is still considered by many price per head experts to be the most dominant fighter in the world. Whether it was the way that he seemed to push Weidman on and taunt him without actually going after him, or whether it was the fact that Silva may have not been as prepared for the challenge as some had actually thought he would be, the bottom line is that it wasn’t enough for the experts to think he can’t bounce back and regain his title. The line for this fight is in some way a slap in the face to Weidman, who despite being the man to end Silva’s run is still considered to be the underdog.

The live betting numbers for this fight could lead to even more players taking Weidman, so those that feel he can win this fight should jump on the opportunity before the line shifts. Weidman is still undefeated with 10-career wins, the last six of which have come in the UFC. Weidman has shown his balance with four of his wins coming via knockout and another three via submission, and his youth, speed, size, and skill undoubtedly have provided the toughest challenge yet for Silva.  So why isn’t he the favorite for this fight? Why should MMA fans hesitate when they go to pull the trigger on betting him at this event?

Well, for one thing Silva has never lost back-to-back fights in his career. The Spider is a master technician who many feel has the potential to match up against any fighter in the UFC regardless of weight class, so he still deserves some consideration as a likely opponent. Silva also is expected to come out with a much more aggressive approach, with his legacy and immediate future hanging in the balance now that the chance of any super fight will disappear if he loses consecutive fights to Weidman. All of this is leading up to what should be an excellent sports betting match up, but it still shouldn’t be a surprise that Silva is considered to be the favorite. For all of the latest UFC news and odds, be sure to check out the best sports betting sites.


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