Sunday Night Football Predictions – Falcons Face An Unexpectedly Early Moment Of Truth In September


After losing a game they feel they should have won against the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons will be intent on raising their record to 2-2.New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcons – Sunday, September 29. Sports betting line: Falcons -1.

Sunday Night Football Predictions

A game within the friendly confines of the Georgia Dome this weekend could be just what the doctor ordered for Atlanta.

This is a situation in which the Patriots can take a lot of chances. This is a team that is still trying to find a fuller level of polish and precision on offense, given all the roster disruptions and dislocations that have affected the team so far in 2013. As the Patriots make their way through the season, they will have a chance to slowly regain the pieces they lost last season and incorporate newcomers such as Danny Amendola into the framework. The Patriots know that through three games, they haven’t stumbled once. They are on schedule in terms of wins and losses, and they know that this game against Atlanta represents a tough test. If the Patriots lose this game, they will not feel as though they’ve blown a huge opportunity or that they will have squandered something important. They are playing with house money here, while the Falcons – at 1-2 on the season – are under immense pressure to no longer live under the .500 mark. New England, if it gets an early 10-point lead, can cause Atlanta to panic and buckle under the weight of the moment. There’s a definite scenario in which the Patriots can take control of this game and win it, perhaps even to the extent that they win going away. A strong first half is all this team will need to make Atlanta sweat bullets and then crumble in the heat of battle.

When the online betting experts tackle this clash, they will point out that the Falcons did not play poorly last week against the Miami Dolphins. Atlanta won most of the snaps in that game by general football measurements. Atlanta was playing downhill for most of that game while Miami was playing uphill. Atlanta held the lead for most if not all of the game until the final minute of regulation, when the Dolphins pulled ahead. Atlanta knows that it can play really well, and it knows that it can outplay the best teams in the NFL. Yet, the Falcons know that their huge mistakes cost them against Miami. Coach Mike Smith’s team will be mindful of the need to get things right this week. The Falcons will be very angry, and moreover, they are likely to channel their anger into a focused performance. A lot of athletes don’t play well when they’re angry (or because they’re angry), but Atlanta is aware of how much it needs to get to 2-2 and avoid falling to 1-3. The value of a win here (or perhaps the value of avoiding a loss) is so substantial for the Falcons that they are going to take this game very seriously.

The Patriots are going to try hard, but the Falcons are going to work harder, if only because they have so much more on the line. Atlanta should be able to beat a New England team that hasn’t been tested much this season.Sunday Night Football Predictions: Falcons -1 For the latest NFL betting spreads and other informational nuggets, click here.

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