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NFL Week 17 Prediction

NFL Week 17 Prediction – Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers

Tom Sells

The last round of the 2015 standard season is a delight with the NFC North title in question in ...

NFL Week 6 Picks

NFL Week 6 Picks – Kansas City Chiefs at Minnesota Vikings Odds

Tom Sells

Things went horribly bad for the Chiefs last week. Their fourth straight loss, a numbing last second defeat at ...

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football Picks – Adrian Peterson Back vs 49ers

Tom Sells

The last time Adrian Peterson sat out an entire season, he came back and ran for 2,000 yards. Now, ...

NFL Rumors

NFL Rumors – Which Team is Brian Urlacher going to Move to for 2013 season

Dave Mattis

The NFL Rumors teams may be waiting to see what comes their way via the draft. While Urlacher was ...