Thomas Harmer Sports Handicapper Picks – Expert Handicapper

Thomas Harmer is one of the very most reputable sports Handicappers in the World and he’s been very consistent at making his Clients money throughout his prestigious career in every Major and Minor sports. (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA) Thomas Harmer has made his living wagering on sports since 1994.

He spends hrs per day studying line movements and betting situations to be able to give his clients an advantage within the books. That edge is sharpened by several of his own sports betting systems which he successfully uses to ensure his clients see a gain year after year.

Thomas Harmer in addition has had countless 12-0 runs in every major sports during his prestigious career as documented by the several Sports monitors and his personal Clients.  Thomas Harmer is also recognized as one of the finest sharp football handicappers picking apart the Sportsbooks lines throughout the NFL and NCAAF season while also cashing some big moneyline dogs. Throughout the football and basketball seasons Thomas Harmer picks out several moneyline dogs alongside solid point spread plays which may have won for years at a good percentage. Thomas Harmer is one of the finest NBA and College Basketball Handicappers in the world and he’s been for years banging out consistent profits for his clients on a daily basis. Thomas Harmer lives for finding mistakes in the oddsmakers lines and he capitalizes to them finding several throughout the basketball and football seasons that build his clients bankrolls rapidly.

Thomas Harmer has had several big wins during his each one of these years professional career but the one which stands out probably the most for him was winning his 2008 Super Bowl parlay with New York Giants and the Under because he’d a lot of money on it alongside all of his clients.

Thomas Harmer has always excelled together with his MLB betting picks finding great value daily and he never releases a popular over -150 in any sport. Thomas Harmer believes that betting MLB is the greatest way to build up your bankroll for the upcoming football season as he releases several great value MLB plays that cash on a very consistent basis. Thomas Harmer won’t ever force plays unless there is something solid because yet again he wagers on every pick he releases to his clients. Thomas Harmer is an MLB expert since he knows these teams like nobody else. Thomas Harmer’s desire for the overall game has never died as he follows it very closely watching several games on a daily basis including attending multiple games annually traveling to different ball parks.

Thomas is a strong believer that winning is the thing that matters, and it shows. He’s relentless in his efforts to bang out profits day after day for his clients.?  He loves sports so this really is his life as he spends 12+ hours per day handicapping games and adjusting his systems so that you his clients are on the winning side.

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