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If we are discussing about the fight with Anderson Silva, he is the most deserving candidate and made their own kingdom in which nobody have a capacity to enter in it. But time is always not remain the same, are the time is change, Anderson Silva is defeated by Chris Weidman in the month of July and make this statement true.   Silva is very much skillful, competent and deserving artist. To know in deep about this fantastic artist, you should come to the UFC to become familiar with him. You will defiantly enjoy the game. Before his hard defeat, Silva had maintained his legitimately since the period of December 2004, under it the DQ for an illegal kick to Yushin Okami. UFC 168 Picks  listed below.

UFC 168 PicksSilva is a very keen player and he is also preparing for the situation he is facing this time. He is preparing for the tough wrestling with the Weidman. He is preparing himself for facing all the challenges. Basically, it was not the day for Weidman who won that day but it is a straight shot play by him. It was big joke for Silva as he is losing their reputation after it. It gives him a bad title and also creates harm for his reputation. His critics and other people are also interested to see his action, performance and behavior in the nest performance to the Octagon where the match will play again. UFC 168 Betting Odds Anderson Silva -170 and Chris Weidman at +140.

Chris Weidman is a well known and x- American wrestler, he was a title of Division 1 wrestler. He had a title of Combat Middleweight champion and other prizes which are a great achievement for him. He is also won the U.S. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu championship title, through this he is honored by the purple belt. He is also the current UFC champion in the middleweight category. He is a man who has great potential and skills. He is never speaking about his strong power and strength even he is always being polite with other people. At the time he defeat great Silva, he never show any type superiority on 6th July of this
Some of the people are raising questions about the fight between Silva and Weidman, they are thinking that Weidman is win by luck.  But it should be necessary to concentrate on his fight with strong hitting Mark Munoz.  When Munoz realized that he is lose the fight and no chance to wrestle Weidman then he is deciding to fight with him with the strategy of bone jarring punches.

In the wrestling ring, Weidman seems like a strong contender and he is looks like a monster in front of their competitor.  He is proved deadly for the person in front of him.

Personally, I feel that Weidman have great quality and skills like Chael Sonnen. I think that, he is a young version of Sonnen.   He is always focusing on his strategies and never gets their moral down in the ring. He has great techniques and plans while they are playing. He is a true fighter and never loss hope. Bet on UFC 168.

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