Vegas Spreads – New York Giants to Compare Vegas Point Spread

What’s a Vegas Spreads? In just about any basketball or football game you can find two teams which can be playing against one another. Those teams are rarely exactly matched – and therefore typically one team may have a better chance at winning the overall game then the other one will. If bettors were permitted to bet on who was simply likely to win, the smart bettors would of course bet on the better team which may likely win more than 50% of the time in the process.

If winning were so easy for everyone – Las Vegas sportsbooks would stop taking any bets! This is where the purpose spread will come in place. The basic function of the purpose spread is to greatly help balance the likelihood of every team winning by adjusting the final score by the purpose spread. Next adjustment, you obtain the Against the Vegas Spreads result (ATS result for short).

How to See the Point Spread

New York Giants -7 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The higher team, called the Favorite is likely to win the overall game and must “give” or “lay” points to the weaker team. The favorite is listed with the minus sign alongside how many points they are favored.

In the aforementioned example the New York Giants must not only win the overall game, but they must win the overall game by over 7 points for Eagle bettors to have a winning ATS result. An Eagles bettor will win his bet if: Philly wins the overall game by any number of points or Philly loses the overall game by significantly less than 7 points.

There’s also the possibility that the final score could land exactly on the spread number (example: the Eagles win 28-21 when -7) that will be called a “push” or “no action” and a reimbursement is then issued to the bettors on both teams.

The same game and point spread can be viewed from the weaker team’s perspective – the Underdog (the Eagles in our example) isn’t likely to win the overall game and therefore receives or “gets” points given in their mind by the stronger team. When a game is stated from the Underdogs perspective, the team is listed with a bonus sign alongside how many points they are underdogs by (example: Eagles +7 vs. New York Giants).

Please remember that Philly has +7 and New York has -7 is the same point spread on a single game but it’s simply stated differently. Don’t forget to check out our Guaranteed Sports Picks  page.

Mathematical Conclusions

For a few a mathematical approach is helpful. You are able to determine the ATS winner by subtracting the purpose spread from the favorite’s score (the minus sign prior to the number) and then compare it to the underdogs score. Or by the addition of the purpose spread to the underdogs scores (the plus sign prior to the number) and then compare to the favorites score.

And now hopefully that you discover how to read point spreads, arming you with information and putting you one step nearer to joining the fun of sports betting.

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